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2014 – New Energy, New Directions

2014 – The Year of the Horse

2013 – That was that, this is now and tomorrow is the future. I have spent the last 2 weeks shut down from the business – no phone, no email no thinking about it, just being, reconnecting with my family after being so immersed and emotionally connected to my business and career for 20+ years.

I recommend you to do it – turn off for 2 weeks and just be – it is amazing what your brain can do when you get back into it.

A highlight from 2013 was the Keynote Speeches I did in Iran in October. I have done a lot of public speaking, training, leading teams in my career. Iran was a revelation – an opening to a new direction – professional speaking.

So I have set up a new business, a website and have set a forecast for this part of my life for 2014 and beyond. Aussie Inc. is still growing, still there, and I see this new part of my life enhancing the other.


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