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Head Down – Bum Up!


Head Down – Bum Up! That’s what life is like. Don’t stop, don’t give up, don’t lose the passion, keep fighting the fight. 

Running your own business has its benefits – freedom, time management, balance, and the relentless pursuit of dreams. Dreams that WILL happen. Just have to make sure in the meantime to enjoy and be grateful for the success I do have – amazing wife, great kids, friends that are the best you can have.

This week sees a step to Base Camp – Wal-Mart. Some 16 months of work, negotiation, rejection, travel to Arkansas twice, been through 3 buyers and now about to embark on a journey with the World’s biggest retailer.

Me, little ‘ol Todd Miller from Adelaide, Australia, working with and selling products to Wal-Mart. Amazing! There are many other retailers, partners and customers I work with, but Wal-Mart is another step. A step to Everest. I am looking forward to the ride.

Lastly in the immortal words of Karen Carpenter “We have only just begun….”


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